Taking over the global loyalty program solution and improving it in the polish market – Decathlon

Management of the Decathlon Card loyalty program until April 2019 was carried out globally by the French team. Loyalty Point faced the challenge of taking over program management in Poland.

After an earlier data audit and implementation of development systems, we have been handling the CRM system for the Decathlon Card loyalty program since 1 April 2019.


At the beginning of the project, an audit of the loyalty program managed by the French team and the segmentation of Decathlon customers using the Card was conducted. On the basis of the analyses carried out, Loyalty Point proposed to improve some of the processes related to point calculation and voucher generation/sending to the Customers. The basic mechanics of the program did not change – the main goal was to maintain the program based on the CRM activities carried out earlier.

The implementation on our side included:

  • integration of the systems into the French FTP

  • implementation of data exchange processes

  • creation of point calculation and voucher generation processes


Currently, the team is working on advanced business data analytics, deepened customer segmentation and creation of automatic communication paths, as well as implementation of personalised targeted communication in CRM system.

A new loyalty program strategy has been developed based on the basic mechanics, expanded with additional options, putting the consumer at the centre of attention. The customer decides how the points collected on their Card are to be spent. They can exchange them for any of the services available in the Decathlon ecosystem or take advantage of a well known cash voucher.

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