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Artificial Intelligence converts data into insights automatically. It allows you to make better business decisions.


  • Monitoring and managing real time data
  • Models and algorithms to support program operation at each stage
  • Recommendations for offerings, communications and mailings to each participant
  • Diagnosing reasons for churn and increasing customer retention
  • Planing engaging loyalty offers based on consumer preferences
  • Prediction engine and automatic detection of changes and trends

Thanks to aggregating all data about costumers in one place, we can better understand their needs and provide more quality products and offers.


  • Central customer base, identifying data from multiple sources
  • Real time data processing
  • AI support in customer segmentation
  • Use of data to provide customers with the best experience
  • Ranking to identify the most engaged customers

A multi-functional tool to develop loyalty by building personalized membership programs.


  • Unified customer profile with information on purchase preferences
  • Self-service marketing tools to fully configure your brand loyalty solution
  • Increase loyalty program effectiveness and maximize ROI
  • Make changes and work freely with offers in the program
  • Manage campaigns in all or selected points
  • Checking the level and type of engagement of individual customers

Hyper-personalization of the experience with compelling recommendations and unique offerings for each segment.


  • Products personalization and recommendations
  • Behavioral personalization of search results
  • Custom-made cross-sell and up-sell recommendations
  • Well-targeted promotions
  • Scalable and personalized offer management integrated across
    all brand and vendor channels

Integrate all data types and analyze them in real time to better understand the business.


  • Full view and data control
  • Determining the current capability of the loyalty program based on various business metrics
  • Uncover why your customers want to leave and improve client retention by predicting and reducing churn
  • Generating any report based on the collected data, which allows you to make further, even more effective decisions
  • Working with data by yourself: an intuitive configuration of custom charts for meas-uring KPIs
  • Flexible charts that can be easily expanded. This makes it easy for teams to keep track of any activities important to the growth of the loyalty program

We develop solutions that boost consumers to buy and also help marketers activate sales.


  • Creating, managing, targeting sales offers
  • Integration with client's systems (especially cash register system) and mobile apps
  • AI support in optimal offers selection for different segments
  • Ability to execute tests based on control groups

Delivering all of your management objectives within a single platform delivers the personalized, satisfying message your customers expect.


  • Management of a wide range of communication channels such as: text messages, emails, website
  • Conducting engaging campaigns and real time interactions
  • Configurable subscription, allowing you to sign up and unsubscribe from any type of communication
  • Alignment of sending time with customer life-cycle and segment membership
  • Manage campaigns in all or selected points
  • Creating simulations of the customer's purchase path

Hotline and complaint management application to automate task and complaint management processes.


  • Dictionary of issues and solutions with data management capabilities
  • Overall view of customer profile
  • NPS survey definition and customer service satisfaction survey
  • Identification of customers requiring special treatment in the complaint process
  • Automatic transfer of cases to responsible persons

A tool for managing the system user base and their privileges.


  • Monitoring of action results in prepared scenarios in a clear analytical panel
  • Easily integrate complex systems with flexible workflow integrations
  • Track current user activity
  • Possibility to connect the platform with the systems used in the company

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