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Loyalty Point is a place where together we bring almost 20 years of experience in customer service, loyalty building and marketing campaigns. We’ve done almost every loyalty program out there: big & small, short & long, in retail, finance, services, B2B, B2C – you name it. Now we are happy to share what you should and shouldn’t do when launching a new loyalty program, so you can get the most satisfied customers and profit out of it.

Przemysław Orłowski


  • Graduate of the University of Warsaw, the Faculty of Journalism
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Expert in the field of Relational Marketing and Efficiency

Dominik Zacharewicz


  • Graduate and PhD student of the University of Warsaw, the Faculty of Management
  • 20 years of experience
  • Expert in the field of Audit, Relational Marketing and Change Management

When working with clients we always look for areas for the biggest growth and improvement. We rely on an individual model of cooperation. This way we can offer each client a solution tailored to their needs.  
We develop all the systems and methods ourselves, so we are free to offer the program that best reflects the brand’s expectations. We create effective marketing campaigns because our specialists are able to turn data into real solutions with long-term effects. We operate in the spirit of entrepreneurship: Activeness, decisiveness, responsibility, credibility and teamwork are the elements that characterise us.
We are a part of Data Science House, so we are very good at analysing data and know how to use them in business processes.

What is loyalty to us? We understand it as a strong, two-way relationship between the company and the consumer, and building an emotional bond is possible by understanding the company’s expectations and customer needs. When designing the strategies of our programs, we explore consumers’ desires and behaviours with passion and commitment. We look into the future and see the directions in which our industry is developing. We are guided by the idea of reverse loyalty, in which the company also shows interest in the customers to create a lasting relationship with them. Our proprietary behavioural targeting tool, based on the analysis of behaviourof identifiable consumers, allows for precise personalisation of offers in real time.

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