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The proprietary methodology called ‘Raport Otwarcia’ provides a holistic analysis in terms of the feasibility of developing and implementing a loyalty program.
We rely on in-depth data analysis and use the practical knowledge and experience that comes from implementing dozens of projects across multiple industries.
Loyalty Drive Enterprise is a proprietary solution driven by data and artificial intelligence that enables efficient implementation and flexible operation
of a loyalty program.
We provide customers with support in the area of Data Science, data mining and data visualization.
We focus on effective communication, efficient project management and advanced analytics. We take joint responsibility for the results, focusing
on the ROI of the conducted activities.
We provide data management services, including business and technical database integrations, especially consumer/transactional databases.

Case Study

In our work we use knowledge- and experience-based marketing, and that is why we are able to build long-term consumer engagement. Here is a summary of the effectiveness of our daily solutions.

Implement a Highly Efficient and Flexible Loyalty Solution in a No-code Model

The market for consumer loyalty programs, especially in the retail industry, is very extensive in Poland. Major competitors are already running their loyalty programs, so the solution implemented by the client had to be at least as good, and ultimately better and more attractive than programs available on the market, known and liked by consumers. How to implement a loyalty program in a no-code model?

Long-term activation of Continental Opony Polska Business Partners – B2B program

The competition on the market of B2B programs is high and usually the biggest challenge is the difficulty in building the expected involvement of Partners. In 2019, together with Continental’s experts, we were faced with a big challenge: rebuild the trust of the Partners, adjust the whole Program to individual needs and expectations that have changed since the beginning of the Program and maximise the activity of the Participants.

How to transfer the best practices of your kitchen planning services to online form within 7 days?

The pandemic and the closure of brick-and-mortar stores forced one of the leading retail chains to adapt the offline kitchen planning service to online service overnight. Inability to make direct contact with the customer and to sell through brick-and-mortar stores was a huge challenge for the company. The challenge for us was to move a specific service, based on direct contact with the designer, to a remote form in just a few days.

Loyalty Point experts in loyalty programs

We value and nurture teamwork - everything we have achieved is the result of our cooperation based on solid pillars.
We deliver results - when creating projects, we feel responsible for our recommendations and execution. Whenever possible we establish a set of KPIs that define successful implementations in a measurable way. In our work we strive to provide the best results which make a real, positive impact on business development.
We know the value of empathy in business - business success is only possible when you deeply know and understand people's needs. When designing the strategies of our programs with passion and commitment, we study customers' needs and behaviour.
We know the value of empathy in business - business success is only possible when you deeply know and understand people's needs. When designing the strategies of our programs with passion and commitment, we study customers' needs and behaviour.
We develop new technologies - thanks to them the world is developing faster than ever before. As are the people's needs and behaviour. With the wise use of new opportunities we are able to offer unique and tailor-made solutions that are scalable. Effective, empathic, measurable and personal relationship with millions of customers is possible. We know how to design it, conduct it, and show its influence on the business.
We value and cultivate teamwork - everything we achieved is a result of teamwork, inspiration and confidence. It's simply worth it, and it pays off to work every day in a friendly atmosphere, supporting and developing your talents. We've tested it on ourselves.

Ready to cooperate?

If you are interested in our offer, have a brief for us or you want to know how we can support your business, write to us.

Loyalty is the greatest award

We are leaders in integrated marketing. We are glad that we have been awarded many industry awards.
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Inflation – a Test of Costumer’s Loyalty. Why Does a Loyalty Program Help in Times of Crisis?

The economic crisis, high inflation and the drop in the value of the zloty are making consumers plan their household budgets more sensibly. According to the results of a GfK survey – 80% of consumers are limiting spending and looking out for savings when buying groceries and larger goods and services. The battle for customers is intensifying. One of the lifewheels available to retailers is a loyalty program.

Selective Pre-purchase Promotion. How to Offer Customer The Best Deal Before the Competition Does

n today’s advertising-saturated world, even the sophisticated segmentation of consumer groups that is already commonplace is proving insufficient. How, in the age of widespread spam, to increase the chance of influencing a purchase decision?

Why (Some) Loyalty Programs Fail?

The question of why some loyalty programs fail should be answered by all managers who are working to implement a loyalty program. Transferring mistakes from the market can save new loyalty programs from failure. In fact, there are many variables that determine the success or failure of a loyalty program: unattractive rewards, lack of communication, complicated membership rules and many others. What most often fails, however, is the execution of the loyalty program on the part of the organizer and its partners.

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