How to transfer the best practices of your kitchen planning services to online form within 7 days?

How to transfer the best practices of your kitchen planning services to online form within 7 days?

The pandemic and the closure of brick-and-mortar stores forced one of the leading retail chains to adapt the offline kitchen planning service to online service overnight. Inability to make direct contact with the customer and to sell through brick-and-mortar stores was a huge challenge for the company. The challenge for us was to move a specific service, based on direct contact with the designer, to a remote form in just a few days.

Our Client wanted to keep kitchen sales at a constant level, so we were responsible for upgrading communication, tools and resources for transferring the services – which were based on direct contact between an employee and a customer – to the Internet.


  • We have adapted the tools available to quickly adapt to the new conditions and maintain continuity of sales.

  • We have extended the possibilities of remote contact at every stage of the purchasing process: The Online Customer Service team consisting of only few persons was expanded to include employees from specific stores who were trained to handle online kitchen planning within just a week.

  • We provided remote support for after-sales processes in order to maintain a high level of satisfaction: We increased the effectiveness of the online complaint process.


The expansion of technical capabilities in the field of “Remote Kitchen Planning”, combined with an increase in the number of planners and, at the same time, lowering the price to PLN 1, resulted in an increase in the number of services provided by 6200% compared to the previous period. When the price was changed to PLN 49, the increase remained at the level of 1900% in relation to the period before the pandemic.

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