Long-term activation of Continental Opony Polska Business Partners – B2B program

Long-term activation of Continental Opony Polska Business Partners – B2B program

The competition on the market of B2B programs is high and usually the biggest challenge is the difficulty in building the expected involvement
of Partners.The ContiPartner loyalty program to support B2B sales has been on the market since 2015, but previous editions were conducted
in a dispersed environment, which resulted in prolonged order lead time and little involvement of the Participants.

In 2019, together with Continental’s experts, we were faced with a big challenge: rebuild the trust of the Partners, adjust the whole Program
to individual needs and expectations that have changed since the beginning of the Program and maximise the activity of the Participants.

The main emphasis was put on the intuitive use of the program, because we know that in the B2B market, time spent on operating the program is one of the biggest challenges.  An important aspect was the preparation of a platform that was equally intuitive and easy to use, also with a smartphone.


  • New ContiPartner sales support program in the B2B model was developed on an integrated platform referring to an online store, where the accumulated points are your currency.

  • To meet the expectations of the Participants, in 2020 the integration of online payment for orders was implemented, which allowed Partners to get the prizes not only in exchange for accumulated points, but also made it possible to pay for them from their own budget. This proves that the prizes are so attractive and well-suited to the Participants’ needs that they are ready to pay for their orders additionally from their own resources.

  • In the process of recruiting new Partners, Continental own sales force was involved, and their task was to ensure that the persons representing a given company in the Program were at the same time the decision-makers and those having the greatest influence on the common business.

  • An important element of the changes was the refreshment of the creative concept and targeted communication activating Participants sent at key moments of the program depending on sales priorities. It also applies to seasonal/special events and information about new products in the prize catalogue, opportunities to earn additional points and occasional greetings.


A B2B program does not have to be complicated in its mechanics to be effective. On the example of ContiPartner we show that we have achieved the goals that are particularly important for Business Partners: fast and intuitive operation, rewards that meet business needs and trust. The effect of our actions is an increase in the registration to the Program and the activity of existing Partners, as well as a minimum number of the complaints received. The improvements in the program also contributed to a significant increase in the number and value
of prizes ordered.

96% of the logged-in Participants placed at least one order. The waiting time for the prize was shortened from 25 working days (edition 2018),
to 3 working days after placing an order (edition 2019), with the statutory delivery time declared to 10 working days. Compared to the 2018 edition, the number of complaints was also minimised in 2019 with
a 78% decrease.

The success achieved was preceded by a detailed analysis of data, processes and, above all, market needs. We have prepared a dynamic, step-by-step plan to adjust the Program to the current needs of the Partners and its development strategy for the future, which proved
to be a great success.

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