How to increase the number of tour bookings by 70% without standard price reduction – Rainbow Tours

How to increase the number of tour bookings by 70% without standard price reduction – Rainbow Tours

The aim of the campaign was to offer first minute holiday deals to customers travelling with a travel agency. The challenge was to create
an offer without a standard price reduction. We wanted to increase customer engagement and recognise returning customers who have already travelled with Rainbow Tours. Our goal was to increase the number of first-minute bookings compared to last year.


  • The analysis of transaction history carried out made it possible to build segments and match motivators and benefits, which were emphasised in the communication.

  • Thanks to customer segmentation we were able to reach them with a personalised offer, adjusted to the travel preferences of each person. Sequential, well-targeted communication and rewarding loyal customers with vouchers has increased their willingness to buy trips more in advance.

  • We built a scoring model that identified the customers with the highest probability of purchase, which allowed us to focus our limited resources and sales force on the customers we considered most interested.

  • Instead of a typical price discount, which reduces the profit from the sale of the deal, a coupon for the purchase of the next trip was introduced, the value of which depended on the number of previous transactions.


Thanks to our solutions we were able to reach the people who were the most interested in our promotional offer. Additionally, we managed to personalise the communication and adjust the selected offer attributes to the preferences of our customers – the families with children, young singles, people who value active recreation or other, selected segments of customers, received dedicated messages. Thanks to an appropriate analysis of the customer structure, their loyalty from previous years could be rewarded.

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