How to increase sales of products by means of an engaging campaign and build a positive image of the sub-brand – S.C. Johnson, Kiwi

For S.C. Johnson brand we have created a consumer engagement campaign to build a positive image of the Kiwi sub-brand. Our sales support consisted of developing the concept and communication strategy. In addition, we were responsible for the preparation of the creative concept for the website and effective design of sales-generating materials. Our activities were to ensure an increase in sales of products in the autumn and winter period.


  • As part of the project, we initiated cooperation with influencers – we prepared the shipment of creative packages to them. Karolina Gilon and Karol and Ola Lewandowski from the YouTube channel “Busem przez świat“ (Bus around the world) were involved in the action.
  • In order to ensure the involvement of the campaign’s recipients, we organised a competition to increase consumer activity. We paid attention to the different passions and activities of the Recipients. Sneakers work well in any situation, so you need to take care of their appearance. By taking the #KiwiChallenge , you could win PLN10.000 for your dream trip, 10x vouchers for personalised shoes and 5x Kiwi Sneaker Care sets.


Thanks to properly planned, engaging promotional actions, it was possible to achieve an 80% increase in product sales compared to the same period. Additionally, the promotional materials were displayed almost 5.6 million times.

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